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Monday, December 1, 2014

Immortality Stolen: Book Review

By: Brenda

Ok I’m not going to lie, when I read the word zombie I almost quit. I gave it a chance though and was not disappointed. This time the story is set almost completely in Paris and we see less of a human lifestyle for Dylan. 
We continue with the latest mystery book one left us with. Who killed Henri and why? Dylan is the only one Oliver will talk to but his obsession with her has everyone on edge. As usual though Dylan is too curious to pass up this opportunity no matter how dangerous it is. Being in Paris alone with the very same vampire who stalked her, tried to kidnap her, and mark her for his own pet is the worst idea she can think of. Still, its the only way to find out what’s happening in Paris. 
Nico would do anything to keep Dylan with him. He’s afraid something might happen and he’ll be too far to help her. Even stronger is a jealousy that keeps building. He has become very possessive of her both as a master and husband. Now Oliver wants her to go to him alone in a city crawling with zombies. What could be worse? Oliver or the zombies? 
Just as I had hoped this book has much more excitement. Not in the form of action but in anticipation. I was glued to the pages and I’m not exaggerating when I say I read every chance I got no matter where I was. What I have really liked is how human Dylan’s character is. She struggles with typical human stuff  like sleeping and eating. She has to force herself to sleep during the day so she can keep up at night and eat every chance she gets because you’ll never know. I also really began to doubt the opinions I had about Nico's and Oliver’s characters. Nico now seems inconsiderate and controlling while Oliver is looking like the caring one who’s just looking to expand his knowledge of different vampires. Looks like we might be falling for the bad boy but there’s always more to a story. Once again you get small hints of bigger things to come. There’s the other blood lines to learn about and how this little love triangle with turn out. 

I’m very excited and, I’ll admit, impatient for the third book to come out. I can’t bring myself to read the teaser at the end of this book since I’ll probably bite down to my cuticles waiting for Spring. 

Till then……

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Mortal One: Book Review

By: Brenda

Book by: Shannon Bell
Rating 4 stars out of 5

If you were to take every folk story, movie, or book on vampires and throw it in a blender you'd get The Mortal One. Now I mean this in the best possible way. This book took, what I thought, was the best theories on what a vampire is like and created a whole new story. It takes place during modern times and moves mostly between Florence and Paris.

Our heroine, Dylan, is looking for a good distraction after being dumped at the altar. Feeding her curiosity for vampires seems like a good way to go. With no fiancé to make her feel crazy for her obsession and holding her back she heads for Europe. It's only facing great disappointment and abandoning her search that everything changes.

 Nico was just supposed to take care of this woman getting too curious. He has his orders. He knows what has to be done and how to do it. There's something about her reaction that's fascinating to him. He knows he's supposed to kill her but maybe there's another way.
 What will Dylan do with her only two choices?

 This book is a very good introduction for the series. It builds slowly taking the time to set up the story. I loved Dylan's attitude. She has basic human fears and desires but also knows how to hold herself together when it's needed. Nico is the fantasy of every girl's dreams. He also has certain qualities that humanize him a little. It's frustrating how dangerous they allow things to become but that's what's addictive. The reading further and further to find out how it ends only to find out it's still not the end.  You can tell there will be more because the story keeps building. Even in the last pages major events haven't happened and questions remain unanswered. By the end I was more than ready for the next book.

I truly enjoyed this story and feel fortunate to be able to continue the journey. Thank you so much to Shannon Bell for sending The Monkey's Spoon an advanced copy of Immortality Stolen. The review for this book will be up shortly.  
                                   Till then.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 11 Pig Skin Pick'em Standings

By: Eddie

For the 2nd week in a row we have Green Eyes 3678 in first place. Don't forget to make your picks!

1. Greeneyes3678 102pts
2. The Monkey's Spoon 101pts
3. Frank4734 100pts
4. Chiguy 99pts
5. Wishes_007 96pts
6. The Omen Kid 95pts
7. hug0ne 93pts
8. Wrigley Field Troughs 91pts